Historical Context & Social Context

Genealogy is more than just records and facts. To understand our ancestors we need to understand the times in which they lived and the experiences though which they lived. It is this context that helps us understand our relatives' life trek.

The context of genealogy refers to the circumstances or conditions surrounding the genealogical research or inquiry, such as the historical, cultural, and geographical context of the family being studied. This can include information about the time period in which the family lived, their social and economic status, their cultural and religious background, and any other relevant factors that may shed light on their history and genealogy.

Context allows us to view records and facts not only with an understanding of the present day but more importantly, with the perspective from the time period of the ancestor being researched. This allows genealogical research to assemble Life Sketches and interpret family trees as more than a list of people with dates and family ancestry lines. Context includes information about the era in which are ancestors' lived, their geographical environment, and the technologies available to them. Genealogy context also includes events that may have impacted their decisions such as wars, religious intolerance, political strife, disease, and famines. Context brings not only richness to family history and relationship lines, but better understanding and insight.

Historical Context Description
Base Born Children Children born out of wedlock in the Colonies
Battle of Germantown Revolutionary War Battle in Germantown, Pennsylvania
Battle of Maumee River Rapids War of 1812 Battle at Fort Meigs, Ohio
Battle of Monmouth Revolutionary War Battle in Monmouth, New Jersey
Boardinghouse Accommodation before Hotels and Inns
Castle Garden America's First Immigration Center
Consumption A Fatal Disease
Context Genealogy Historical Context & Social Context
Cordwainer Profession of Shoe Maker
County Leitrim Least populated county in Ireland.
Dropsy Congestive Heart Failure
Flux An Intestinal Disease
Freeman Position of Status in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Genealogy Historical Context Details about the time in which our ancestors lived.
Genealogy Social Context Working an estate.
German Brethren Church An Anabaptist Denomination
Improve Details about the time in which our ancestors lived.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows An International Fraternal Order
Intestate Intestate Estates in British Colonial America
Jean's Cemetery aka Oak Grove Cemetery, Muscatine, Iowa. Cedar, Township.
John Turner Mayflower Passenger
Land Patent A Grant of Land
Log House Double Round Log House with Puncheon Floor
Medical Profession Training to become a Doctor in 1850 OR Doctor training in 1850
Migration to Kentucky Migration to Kentucky Following the Revolutionary War
Ministry The Church in the New England Colonies
Myers - Leonard Cemetery A Cemetary on Private Property in Juniata County, Pennsylvania
Nobby Turnout A Small Buggy
Oneida, Kansas A Kansas Lost Town
Palsy Paralysis
Pennsylvania Dutch Pennsylvania Dutch
Overseer Road Overseer
Sappers and Miners A Combat Engineer
School Teacher Teaching on the Frontier in South Dakota and Montana
Servitude Contract to Teach a Trade
Shaking Quakers Shakers, a splinter group of Quakers
Socioeconomic Class Titles and Occupations in the Colonies
Sullivan's Expedition Revolutionary War Military Campaign
Sun Mineral Springs Health Resort in Northeast Kansas
The Hard Winter Revolutionary War Winter of 1779
The National Road Migration to Iowa.
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