Genealogy Toolbox contains information essential to understanding the genealogical records of our ancestors and immigrant American families.

Assembling a Life Sketch is similar to a project. One gathers the supplies, all the genealogical records and data that can be found. Then using a blueprint or design, the context, begins to assemble the genealogy record pieces. The tools in the toolbox are the implements used to assemble the supplies and build the final product, a genealogy Life Sketch.

Genealogy Tool Description
Abbreviations Common abbreviations used in Genealogy and on Genealogy Trek.
Calendar Julian and Gregorian calendars lead to different genealogy research conclusions.
Dates Julian and Gregorian dates lead to different genealogy research conclusions.
Kinship Terminology Prior to about 1800, several kinship terms had different meanings than they do today.
Legal Age Age of Majority
Personalty Personal Property