Genealogy Family contains Life Sketches of American ancestors and families who settled The United States. Some were here as early as 1630, while others arrived much later. But the people listed here all came to the United States and helped build this country. Their descendants spread from their forebear's immigration arrival point across the country, north, south and west. While each ancestor has a story, genealogy research is a tricky undertaking - some ancestors left many records and are easy to follow. Others left virtually no record, if maybe just a mention in another family's record.

Some of our American ancestors and families have been written about extensively, while a majority have stories yet to be told. Biographical sketches published years ago may no longer be accurate as new records come to light. With each day, the availability of online genealogical records grows. Genealogy Trek contains both Life Sketches, which have been rewritten with updated conclusions based on new data, and Life Sketches about ancestors whose stories have not been published.

Life Sketches are written after extensive genealogical and historical research. The records and information gathered during research are assembled into a story and presented as a Life Sketch and posted below. New sketches are added frequently.

So take a Genealogy Trek and explore the life sketches of the family and people who settled America.






Prussia Saxony 18-Mar-1855

California Santa Clara 3-May-1954

Robert Edward Bressem; Robert Bressem of Sabetha, Kansas

Prussia Brandenburg 2-Oct-1822

Missouri Buchanan 1871

William Bressem; William Bressem of Prussia


New Jersey Morris 29-Jul-1804

Indiana Blackford 15-Nov-1898

Ira Casterline of Blackford, Indiana

New Jersey Morris 14-Apr-1763

New York Steuben 14-Dec-1835

Loammi Casterline of Morris, New Jersey, Loammi Casterline of Steuben, New York

Indiana Blackford 26-May-1842

Kansas Shawnee 3-Jun-1941

Mahetable Casterline; Also Mahetable Miles, wife of David Franklin Miles


Ireland Leitrim abt 1807

Iowa Taylor abt 1887

James Conlin from Ireland; Also spelled Conlon

Iowa Muscatine 4-Dec-1876

Kansas Sabetha 16-Mar-1947

James Solomon Conlin, Also known as Jim Conlin, J S Conlin; James Conlin of Oneida, Kansas

Indiana Wayne 5 Apr 1853

Kansas Nemaha 9 Jul 1932

John Thomas Conlin of Oneida; Also known as JT Conlin


Ohio Butler 13 May 1855

Kansas Nemaha 4 Jan 1936

Mary Dill; Also Mary Conlin wife of John Conlin

Delaware Kent 1791

Ohio Perry 11-Jan-1848

Solomon Dill of Muskingum

Ohio Muskingum 14 May 1825

Iowa Louisa 1 Mar 1883

Dr. Solomon Dill

New Jersey Morris 10-Oct-1768

Indiana Blackford 11/23/1842

Elizabeth Charlotte Fairchild; Also Charlotte Casterline, wife of Ira Casterline


Maryland about 1768

Ohio Butler about 1827

Benjamin Fowler of Butler, Ohio

Maryland Prince George's 1705

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1762

Benjamin Fowler of Anne Arundel, Maryland

Maryland Anne Arundel 16-Mar-1737

Maryland Anne Arundel 1774

Benjamin Fowler Jr. of Anne Arundel, Maryland, son of Benjamin Fowler

Maryland Prince George's 14-Jun-1697

Maryland Anne Arundel about 1750

Elizabeth Fowler; Elizabeth Howard, wife of Samuel Howard; Elizabeth Howard, wife of Cornelius Howard; Elizabeth Rumney, wife of Edward Rumney

Ohio Butler 29 Aug 1834

Iowa Louisa 17 Jun 1869

Also known as Jane Fowler; Also Elizabeth Dill or Jane Dill, wife of Solomon Dill

Ohio Butler 1809

Iowa Louisa 1859

Felix D. Fowler of Butler County, Ohio

Maryland 1787

Ohio Butler 1860

James Fowler of Butler, Ohio; James Fowler of Darrtown

Maryland Prince George's 12 Sep 1703

Maryland Anne Arundel 1757

John Fowler of Anne Arundel Maryland; John Fowler, son of Thomas Fowler

Maryland Prince George's 6 Oct 1709

Maryland Anne Arundel Aug 1757

Richard Fowler of Anne Arundel Maryland; Richard Fowler, son of Thomas Fowler

Maryland Prince George's 19-Oct-1706

Maryland Anne Arundel 1752

Samuel Fowler of Anne Arundel Maryland; Samuel Fowler, son of Thomas Fowler

Maryland Prince George's 22-Mar-1702

Maryland Montgomery 1791

Susannah Fowler; Susannah Fowler, daughter of Thomas Fowler

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1673

Maryland Prince George's 1715

Thomas Fowler of Prince George's Maryland

Maryland Prince George's 11 Sep 1700

Maryland Prince George's 1747

Thomas Fowler of Prince George's Maryland; Thomas Fowler, son of Thomas Fowler

Maryland Prince George's 16-Feb-1699

Maryland Prince George's 1769

William Fowler of Prince George's Maryland; William Fowler, son of Thomas Fowler

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1680

Maryland Prince George's abt 1743

Susannah Iiams, also known as Susannah Ijams; Also Susannah Fowler, wife of Thomas Fowler, and Susannah Brown, wife of Mark Brown


Maryland Anne Arundel 4-Nov-1764

Maryland Anne Arundel 1812

Hellen Lewis; also Helen Lewis and Hellender Lewis; Hellen Small, wife of Thomas Small, Hellen Weedon, wife of Robert Weedon

Maryland Anne Arundel 1-Apr-1703

Maryland Anne Arundel 1743

Thomas Lewis of Anne Arundel

Maryland Anne Arundel 6-May-1736

Maryland Anne Arundel 14-Jul-1765

Nicholas Lewis; Nicholas Lewis of Anne Arundel

Maryland Anne Arundel 1679

Henry Lewis of Anne Arundel; Dr. Henry Lewis.

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1675

Maryland Anne Arundel 15-Aug-1705

William Lewis of Anne Arundel

Maryland Anne Arundel 20-May-1705

Maryland Anne Arundel 1750

William Lewis of Anne Arundel

Maryland Anne Arundel 28 July 1762

Maryland Anne Arundel 1789

William Lewis of Anne Arundel


Ireland Leitrim abt 1827

Iowa Muscatine 1 May 1857

Bridget McManemon; Also Bridget Conlin wife of James Conlin

Ireland Leitrim 6 Nov 1792

Iowa Muscatine 26 Jun 1865

Thomas McManemon family from Ireland. Also spelled McManamon.


Maryland Anne Arundel 22-Jan-1692

Maryland Anne Arundel 1765

Ann Merriken; Also Ann Jones, wife of Lewis Jones, Ann Stinchcomb, wife of Nathaniel Stinchcomb, Ann Lewis, wife of William Lewis.

Maryland Anne Arundel 1-Mar-1706

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1719

Comfort Merriken, daughter of Joshua Merriken.

England abt 1656

England Middlesex 1698

Hugh Merriken of Anne Arundel.

Maryland Anne Arundel 5-Nov-1691

Maryland Anne Arundel 1769

Hugh Merriken of Anne Arundel

England abt 1653

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1679

John Merriken of Anne Arundel.

Maryland Anne Arundel 4-Jun-1689

Maryland Anne Arundel 1754

John Merriken of Anne Arundel; Captain John Merriken

Maryland Anne Arundel 2-Dec-1718

Maryland Anne Arundel 25-Mar-1794

John Merriken, son of John Merriken

England abt 1658

Maryland Anne Arundel 1713

Joshua Merriken of Anne Arundel.

Maryland Anne Arundel 24-May-1686

Maryland Baltimore 1727

Joshua Merriken, son of Hugh Merriken; Joshua Merriken of Baltimore County.

Maryland Anne Arundel 23-Dec-1704

Maryland Anne Arundel 10-May-1721

Joshua Merriken of Anne Arundel, Joshua Merriken son of John Merriken

Maryland Anne Arundel 2-Jul-1722

Maryland Anne Arundel 17-Jul-1759

Joshua Merriken son of John Merriken

Maryland Anne Arundel 1-Apr-1710

Maryland Anne Arundel 10-Mar-1734

Sarah Merriken, daughter of Joshua Merriken; Sarah Wright, wife of Samuel Wright

England abt 1630

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1670

Christian Merriken, wife of John Merriken; Christian Drury, wife of William Drury.


Gage Nebraska 22-Oct-1880

Kansas Shawnee 27-Jan-1954

Cora Miles; Also Cora Conlin wife of James Conlin

Indiana Grant 3-Mar-1842

Kansas Nemaha 12-Oct-1900

David Franklin Miles; also known as D F Miles and Frank Miles

Massachusetts Worcester 12-Sep-1801

Indiana Grant 20-Aug-1866

Lorenzo Miles; also known as Lorenzo Dowell Miles of Grant, Indiana

Massachusetts Worcester 1762

Indiana Blackford 1850

Thomas Miles of Blackford, Indiana


Pennsylvania Mifflin 25-Jan-1804

Pennsylvania Juniata 20-Jul-1868

David Myers; Rev David Myers;

Illinois Jo Daviess 31-May-1871

Illinois Dupage 12-Feb-1937

Margaret May Myers; Margaret Bressem, wife of Robert Bressem

Pennsylvania abt 1747

Ohio Mongtomery before 1830

Nicholas Myers of Mifflin County; Nicholas Myers of Juniata County

Pennsylvania Juniata 28-Feb-1833

Kansas Sabetha 20-Aug-1907

Rudolph Myers; Rudolph Myers of Sabetha, Kansas

Pennsylvania abt 1774

Pennsylvania Mifflin 3 Mar 1828

Samuel Myers of Mifflin; Samuel Myers of Juniata


Massachusetts Middlesex 30-Oct-1704

Massachusetts Middlesex 8-Sep-1787

Ruth Parker; Also Ruth Bancroft, wife of Joseph Bancroft and Ruth Underwood, wife of Joseph Underwood

Massachusetts Middlesex 29-Dec-1687

Massachusetts Middlesex 18-Feb-1769

Susanna Parker; Also Susanna Underwood, wife of Joseph Underwood

New Jersey 1-Mar-1789

Indiana Clinton 10-May-1878

Hannah Phares; Also Hannah Pitman, wife of Calvin Pitman


New Jersey Monmouth 8-Dec-1780

Indiana Clinton 8-Nov-1843

Calvin Pitman of Clinton, Indiana

New Jersey 23-Dec-1747

Ohio Hamilton 27-Aug-1834

Jonathan Pitman; Also known as Jonathan Pittman and Capt. Jonathan Pitman of Hamilton, Ohio

Ohio Butler 1811

Iowa Louisa 1877

Susan Pitman; Susan Fowler, wife of Felix D. Fowler

Massachusetts Middlesex 9-Jul-1740

Massachusetts Worcester abt 1806

Mary Pool also known as Mary Poole; Also Mary Underwood, wife of Joseph Underwood


New York New York 17-Nov-1761

Indiana Blackford 24-Sep-1862

John Saxon, Revolutionary War Soldier

New York Dutchess 13-May-1807

Indiana Blackford 1863

Malinda Saxon; Malinda Casterline, wife of Ira Casterline

Maryland Queen Anne's abt. 1747

Maryland Anne Arundel abt 1804

Hannah Small; Also Hannah Lewis, wife of Nicholas Lewis, Hannah Small, wife of Charles Small, Hannah Weedon, wife of Richard Weedon

Maryland Baltimore 1795

Ohio Butler 7-Feb-1884

Mary Turner also Polly Turner; Mary Dill, wife of Solomon Dill


Massachusetts Middlesex 6-Mar-1676

deaMassachusetts Middlesex 22-Jun-1754

John Underwood of Needham;John Underwood of Natick

Massachusetts Middlesex 11-Oct-1650

Massachusetts Middlesex 17-Apr-1691

Joseph Underwood of Watertown; Freeman

Massachusetts Middlesex 28-May-1681

Massachusetts Middlesex 29-Jan-1761

Joseph Underwood of Chelmsford; Joseph Underwood of Westford

Massachusetts Middlesex 1-Mar-1708

Massachusetts Middlesex 4-Apr-1745

Joseph Underwood of Westford

Massachusetts Middlesex 20-Dec-1739

Massachusetts Worcester 26-Jun-1795

Joseph Underwood of Reading; Joseph Underwood of Fitchburg

Massachusetts Middlesex 31-Jan-1682

Massachusetts Middlesex 2-Sep-1727

Joshua Underwood of Sherborn; Joshua Underwood of Holliston

Massachusetts Middlesex 15-Aug-1763

Indiana Blackford 1846

Mary Underwood; Mary Miles, wife of Thomas Miles


New Jersey Sussex 13-Jun-1806

Indiana Blackford 6-Mar-1869

Phoebe Wass; Phoebe Miles, wife of Lorenzo Miles; Phoebe Casterline, wife of Ira Casterline

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