Christian MNU Merriken Life Sketch

(abt 1630 - abt 1670)

Christian whose maiden name is unknown, was born about 1630 likely in England. Christian married (1) John Merriken about 1650 and (2) William Drury around 1665 in Anne Arundel County, British Colonial Maryland. Christian MNU Merriken Drury died about 1670 in Anne Arundel County, British Colonial Maryland.

Merriken also spelled: Merrikin, Merekin, Merrica, Merikin, Merrekin, Merican, Maricken, Merrican

Christian whose maiden name is unknown was born around 1630, likely in England. Around 1650 Christian married John Merriken. Christan and John and the following known children:

  1. Mary Merriken
  2. John Merriken
  3. Hugh Merriken
  4. Joshua Merriken
  5. William Merriken

Christian likely came from a family with means because in 1659, Christian transported herself, her husband John Merriken and their children Mary Merriken, John Merriken Jr, Hugh Merriken, Joshua Merriken and William Merriken to the Province of Maryland. It is not known whether the family came directly from England or entered from the Colony of Virginia. The family settled in the Broadneck area of Anne Arundel County where in 1663 John purchased from John Eason a part of “Scotland”, 100 acres of 600 acres. The 100 acres of land was located near the Chesapeake Bay. Running through the middle was a creek called Scotcher's Creek, today's Meredith Creek. Shortly after the purchase John died.

Christian was entitled to receive 350 acres of land for transporting herself and her family to the Province of Maryland, 50 acres for each person transported. In 1663 Christian, described as a widow, assigned all but 50 acres of this right to Thomas Bradley.

On June 1, 1664, Christian patented “Merriken” the 50 acres for which she kept the right. The tract was located in the Broadneck of Anne Arundel County on the north side of the Severn River and on the north side of Scotcher's Creek.

Shortly afterward Chrisitan married again, William Drury. Christian and William had one known child:

  1. Christian Drury

Around 1670 Christian Merriken Drury died in Anne Arundel, British Colonial Maryland.

“Scotland” and “Merrikin” descended to Christian's oldest son John Merriken. John sold “Merrikin” to William Drury. When William Drury died in 1676, James Rigby became William Drury's executor and Christian Drury's guardian. Sometime before 1679 Christian Drury died while still in her minority.

Genealogical Research and Life Sketch Completed: September 2020


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