Genealogy Abbreviations

Below is a list of the common abbreviations used in Genealogy, on Genealogy Trek and on other Genealogy web sites. Genealogy research sometimes leads to poor conclusions when genealogy hobbyists use a modern interpretation of an abbreviation whose meaning has changed.

Abbreviation Meaning
9ber December on Julian Calender
A acres
AA Anne Arundel County, Maryland
abt about
Acct Account
aka also known as
Apr April
Aug August
Capt. Captain
Co. County
Col. Colonel
Balto Co Baltimore County, Maryland
Dec December
Feb February
FHL Family History Library, Salt Lake City
FSL FamilySearch Library
Gen. General
Inv Inventory
Jan January
Jul July
Jun June
Lt. Lieutenant
MA Massachusetts
Mar March
MD Maryland
MLR Maryland Land Records
MSA Maryland State Archives
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
MNU Maiden Name Unknown
Nov November
Oct October
pg page
PG Co Prince George's County, Maryland
Sep September
Twp. Township
Vol Volume
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