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Myers - Leonard Cemetery

The Myers - Leonard Cemetery was started by the Myers family and is located on a hill on the south side of Route 35 N, straddling the line formerly dividing the farms of the Myers and Leonard families.

The cemetery, begun by the Myers Family, was apparently expanded and extended across the line between the two farms by Sam Leonard. Rueben Leonard set aside money in his will for a stone wall to enclose the cemetery. Some of the stones may have been used at a later date for the foundation of a nearby house.

There are two distinct areas to the cemetery. One is approximately 17 ft. x 9 ft. and contains four graves (Myers and Holtzapples) and the other is 63 ft. x 42 ft. and contains 24 graves. The cemetery is currently described as in poor condition.

The cemetery is located off of Route 35 N between Leonard and Troyer Roads. The cemetery is on private property.