Susannah Fowler Life Sketch

(1702 - 1791)

Susannah Fowler was born on March 22, 1702, in Prince George’s County, British Colonial Maryland. Susannah never married. Susannah died in May of 1791 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Susannah Fowler, 4th child of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Iiams was born in Prince George’s County, British Colonial Maryland on March 22, 1702. Susannah was raised on her father’s 400 acre plantation “Ridgley’s and Tyler’s Chance” located between Whitemarsh and the Patuxent River. Susannah was about 13 years of age when her father died. Likely Susannah was bound in servitude to learn a trade. Like several of her brothers, she appears to have been sent to the Broadneck area of Anne Arundel and likely learned to be a seamstress.

In August of 1740 Susannah Fowler was in the Anne Arundel Provincial court charged with bastardy. Susannah appeared in court again in November of 1740 when she was convicted of having 3 base born children. The children appeared to be by Thomas John Hammond. Thomas John Hammond paid Susannah’s fees and gave security.

Thomas John Hammond was the son of Gen. John Hammond and Anne Greenbury, and was heir to a very large estate in Anne Arundel. Thomas John married Anne Cockey and they had 4 children between 1722 and 1730. It is uncertain if Anne was alive when Thomas and Susannah began their liaison, or whether their relationship had cooled after Anne had 4 children. Thomas John was the constable for Middleneck in Anne Arundel County.

Susannah was not the first in her family to have a relationship out of wedlock and children. Her Aunt Hester Iiams had an affair and children with a married man and had been gifted land by her children’s father.

Susannah had 3 known children with Thomas John Hammond between 1732 and 1740:

  1. Elisha Fowler
  2. Sarah Fowler
  3. Saul Fowler

Susannah appeared in court one more time in March of 1742 presented again for bastardy. She was fined 30 shillings. Her brother Benjamin Fowler gave her security.

On February 9, 1744, Susannah Fowler and her siblings each received 3 pounds 2 shillings 10 ¾ pence from the final distribution of her father’s estate. The use of the surname she was born with confirms that Susannah was unmarried at the age 41. Likely the distribution was made after the death of her mother.

Susannah’s son Elisha Fowler became a cabinet maker and lived in Annapolis, then Frederick, Maryland before settling in Georgetown, Montgomery County, Maryland.

In October of 1762, Susannah and her daughter Sarah witnessed the gift of land, “Gosnell’s Adventure”, from Thomas John Hammond to his son John Hammond. In early 1767, Thomas John Hammond died. It is not known whether Thomas John provided for Susannah and her children in any manner.

Susannah purchased a lot in Georgetown on September 11, 1778, for £12. Georgetown was located on the edge of Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. According to the 1783 Maryland Tax Assessment, Elisha lived nearby.

On August 19, 1790, Susannah Fowler made her will “Susannah Fowler, seamstress, being in perfect mind and memory” devised her lot to her grandson Elisha Fowler, son of Elisha, and also named another grandson, Thomas John Fowler.

Susannah Fowler died before May 20, 1791 at the age of 89.

Genealogical Research and Life Sketch Updated: April 2022


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